Thursday, July 3, 2014

SDAP Episode 3 - What's your favorite Veggie Meat?

Abby, Ami, and Alex talk about Adventist culture, diet, and the sabbath. They muse on the good and the bad aspects of these things. They ask their friends: What's your favorite veggie meat? Naturally, a couple of guys nearly come to blows over the relative merits of big franks vs veggie links vs linkets. Everyone agrees that breakfast patties are superior to all other meat and non-meat products.

Check out this episode!


  1. Love love love your podcast! I'll be going through all these episodes and commenting (I've listened from 1-27 now)!

    For this one: we ALWAYS had pets while I was growing up, and all manner of them. Cats, a dog, a hamster, a horse, fish, etc. So of course I was exposed to death from an early age. I don't ever remember coming out and specifically asking my parents if we would meet our pets in heaven, but I think that as a comfort to me, my parents kind of alluded that we would.

  2. I still love linketts and croquettes :)

  3. I still love linketts and croquettes :)

    1. What are croquettes? I don't remember those.