Saturday, July 12, 2014

SDAP Episode 5 - Did you get sex ed?

Hey, another sex episode! You can never get enough of those, right? Ami, Abby, and Alex discuss sex ed in the Adventist church. They touch on dorm life, contraceptives, and the experience of growing up in a fundamentalist faith during the AIDS crisis. They ask their friends: What, if any, sex ed did you receive?

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  2. Attended SDA school from K-8th grade, and I got zero sex-ed. Until I went to public high school, that is. But I didn't even really get "The Talk" from either of my parents until my mom accidentally found a condom in my purse that a friend of mine (in my public high school) had put in there as a joke. That was an uncomfortable conversation... but I guess my parents always figured I was a smart girl and could figure things out on my own? I've no idea... I had boyfriends growing up from age 13 and on... And I went progressively further and further away from Adventist (first dated a fringe-Adventist, then dated a Lutheran, and almost married him, and got the "he's not an Adventist, how will you raise your children" speech, then dated a Muslim of all people [but no Catholics]). Thankfully my parents were/are fairly liberal and believe that they've raised me well enough for me to make my own decisions. For that I'm extremely grateful.

    1. Trusting you to make your own choices, even if they're shaking their heads and praying for you quietly, is an enormous gift from Adventist parents!