Saturday, August 2, 2014

SDAP Episode 8 - Did you read forbidden books?

Ami, Abby, and Misty talk about worldly literature, fiction, and the church. They discuss their experiences with forbidden books and the Adventist attitude towards fiction in general.

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  1. I was introduced to Mary Renault by the Jesuit who taught honors English at my Catholic school lol.

  2. Thankfully my parents were just thrilled that I was reading, so they let me read pretty much whatever I wanted. Although I have never read Harry Potter because of course, that was "evil" when I was growing up, what with it being full of magic and sorcery (but C.S. Lewis was okay with all his magic?).

    It would be great to get a list of recommended books from you guys!

    1. We've talked about starting a GoodReads account, which could be a fun way to recommend books and also write snarky reviews of SDA books.

    2. Please let me (us) know if you ever do that. I recently posted an inquiry on r/exchristian (reddit) about which books helped people through their deconversion. I got a good list, and I wonder which books any of you read that would coincide with the list I got?