Saturday, September 27, 2014

SDAP Episode 16 - Did you have a plan for the End Times?

Abby, Ami, and Misty talk about growing up in a Dooms Day cult, Daniel and Revelation Seminars, childhood nightmares, fear of the Little Horn, and learning survivalist skills...because #timeoftrouble.

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  1. The end times always, always, always scared the absolute shit out of me. Even after drifting quite a ways from SDAdventism, I'll see something in the news and think, "Oh god, the Sunday law" or "Oh shit, they're implanting chips in people? It's the mark of the beast!" I never felt like I would ever be good enough to go to heaven (although until listening to your podcast I never admitted that to myself, but hearing you guys admit it helped tremendously with that). I didn't realize how deeply scarred I am or how deeply entrenched in the culture I was that to this day (although it's quickly becoming less and less so) I am still freaked out by "end time events". Thank you, thank you for your podcast, your honesty, your lightheartedness, and especially for creating a community that I, and many others, can relate to.