Saturday, November 15, 2014

SDAP Episode 23 - When you were growing up, did any adult in your life model responsible drinking?

Abby and her brother continue their discussion of experiences alcohol for the first time as adults - reality vs what they were taught. They also discuss the desire to model responsible drinking for children in their lives.

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  1. These two episodes are my favorite. I think Hughes and Abby should start a podcast about whiskey. I should add that I have peer pressured Abby to drink on multiple occasions.

  2. Awww, thanks, Alex. Your version of peer pressure consists mostly of putting something drinkable in my hand and reminding me to keep sipping it. Also, providing numerous examples of happy, friendly, responsible intoxication.

    Responsible intoxication... Is that even a thing? It should be.

    1. Responsible intoxication is totally a thing! :D

  3. This is something I struggle with so much.... I keep being told I'm an alcoholic, but when it comes from SDAs I don't believe them.

    I also totally agree with you. NO ONE inside or outside the church has ever pressured me to drink, smoke, or do drugs. In fact, I was kinda the one who usually insisted they get the stick out of their butt about it.

    I second the fruity girl drink recommendation. I'm a hard drinker, and I still drink fruity girl drinks.

    I started drinking at 19, but I was still on Planet Adventist, so had to keep it a secret. Um yeah, haha.

  4. Oh the secret Adventist drinking thing. I have been drinking alcohol since I was about 20, I have found what I like and what I don't, I know my limits, I've had both good and bad times with it, etc. This is the funny part:

    I drink.
    My mom drinks. Definitely not a lot or often, but has been known to, on occasion, have a margarita at a Mexican restaurant or a White Russian at a concert or something. I know she drinks and she knows I drink. No biggie.
    My dad drinks. I found out about a year or so ago. Beer, apparently, and although I don't know how much, I now know he drinks! It came out "accidentally" through a (non-Adventist) family friend. What's funny, and sad, is that I know he drinks, and I'm pretty sure he knows I drink, but both of us pretend that neither of us drinks. It's so unhealthy, but also kinda hilarious. *SMH