Saturday, June 6, 2015

What did you think about other religions? - Episode 52

Abby and Ami talk about Bible Class and the Adventist idea of comparative religion studies. They also read some materials intended to help witness to "secularists."


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  1. In one of your recent episodes, you lamented the "arrested development" of conservative Adventists. This really resonated with me. It brought back the unbelievably common experiences I used to dread having family or potluck or board meeting discussions, in which I would crave elevating serious topics to normal adult levels, but it was like trying to talk with fucking middle schoolers! No matter how advanced in years (or high their reputation), I knew so many in the denomination who just refused to grow up in many ways, emotional, intellectual, social. I remembered, thanks to this little random comment in your podcast, another major reason I was so glad to rid myself of the obligation to spend time talking with so many frustrating adults with self-imposed arrested development.

  2. Thanks, Jim. It is endlessly frustrating. I know Adventist adults who go through bouts of depression that I think are fueled partially by the fact that they're not allowed to fully mature...or that certain aspects of their normal adult maturity must be kept closeted.