Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hey, Baby, let's do some "tent making" - Episode 57

Ami and Misty talk respond to feedback, talk about women's ordination, and read wacky Adventist mailings.

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  1. Here it helps to be a closet atheist still functioning in real world Adventism :-D.

    First of all, "tent making" is the profession that Paul practised in the book of Acts (18:3) to make a living while evangelising a particular area. For Adventists (and possibly others) a "tent making ministry" is a ministry that emulates what Paul did by working professionally to earn an income for oneself while devoting time and effort in one's free time to the outreach ministry of one's choice.

    I am involved in three small Adventist congregations where we do not have any skilled musicians. Hymns Alive is the answer that help us create a semblance of a slightly bigger church during a Sabbath worship service.

    You have to be in a service like this to really appreciate it. Imagine six church members scattered around the church building. One person announces a hymn. He then runs to the back of the church and then pages through a folder with CDs that have more than 450 pre-recorded hymns. he finds the CD with the right hymn numbers, slots it into a CD player and selects the track number. Suddenly an organ and a piano begins to play over the sound system and after listening to a full verse and refrain, the rest of the church get onto their feet and softly mouthe the words of the song to the tune of the music. They are usually afraid of singing too loud because the music track does not always go as one would expect it to go.

    It helps you leave, feeling connected to an ancient form of worship. But it also kills church for anybody who does not really understand what it represents.

    In my congregations somebody has ripped all these CD's into MP3's and these days we will embed the MP3's into a Power Point with the words. We discovered an Adventist Hymnal Pro App that can also connect to a projector via a tablet computer and play music at the same time.

    You should come back to church just to experience it. I am sure it could fill a whole episode when you reflect on what is happening afterwards.

    1. Thank you for explaining Hymns Alive! We were a little confused, but I can see why a handful of people singing a hymn by themselves would be a little awkward.

      I'm a little disappointed that tent making isn't as funny as we hoped. :)