Saturday, September 5, 2015

Did you feel held back or limited by your Adventist upbringing? - Episode 65

Abby and Ami respond to feedback. We talk about vegi-meat, the ABC, and being limited by the Adventist ecosystem. Here's Betrayal by Merikay McLeod, the book our listener mentioned about the battle for equal pay for women in Adventism. Also, here's Peter Boghossian's A Manual for Creating Atheists. Read along with us if you like.

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  1. thank you so much for reading my (very looong) e-mail this week. my god, i did not expect the whole thing to be read! i really appreciate all your insights.
    just a quick note, i don't feel that kindergarten at 6 has held me back for the past 30+ years, and if it had been the only limiting part of my education it wouldn't even register. but i feel like it was the first in a long line of weird things about sda education. at any rate, i'm not still "held back" and once free from the system made a good life for myself. no bitterness. no excuses.
    thanks again and i look forward to more podcasts :)

  2. Man. This podcast HIT HOME. Adventism is stifling. I am super super lucky to have not been raised with Sadventist schooling. EVERY day that i sit here at a non adventist university i think. I'd be F*cked if i had gone to sadventist school. And even WITHOUT sadventist academy I was also stunted by S-adventism. To not even mention the abusive atmosphere sanctioned by the sadventist cult. In terms of my education and inteligence, every single thing that I ever achieved was always parred down as "god's work". It was never due to my hard work or my intrigue or intelligence. No. Everything was always about how God made me so smart to show his freaking glory. How I was nothing and God was EVERYTHING. How the only reason I could possibly have made it to this university was because of the GLORY of God and God's Mercy. How dare I think that I could ever be on par with children of doctors and lawyers. I was nothing but GOD was everything. Sorry. Do I sound bitter? Yeah. I'm bitter.

    But I'm the lucky one. I'm the one who had the chance to learn secular things. Acquire secular literature. Be challenged by a generally good secular education. And have mentorship from phenomenal secular science teachers. I'm the one attending an amazing university. Where I have superb future prospects and an amazing social life. And i'm lucky.

    Every day that i think that yeah i may be still stuck in the sadventist life. And my fundie sadventist family will probably go to the ends of the earth and back defying my own happiness to ensure i remain in the Fold. But I have a way out. I have non-adventist friends. And a NonAdventist (atheist actually as am I) SO. And I have so much more than litte 14 year old me kneeling as mother attempted to exorcise the demons out of her ever had.

    Thank you.

    1. Aww. That's awesome, though! You got out!! *high fives*