Saturday, November 21, 2015

How did we get from Desmond Doss to this? (OK, OK, we'll talk about Ben Carson) - Episode 76

Ami and Abby talk about the shift in Adventist politics from old-fashioned conscientious objectors to mainstream NRA-style Republicans. They also take a look at Adventist presidential candidate, Ben Carson.

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  1. First of great podcast and I enjoy listening to it as a former SDA myself. In regards to Dr. Carson I grew up around him because he was a very close friend with my late father (even was at my baby blessing). My parents died when I was young but I ended up around him again when I moved to Maryland in the mid-80's and was right there when he became famous. My pre-teen through teen mind always respected him because he was one of the few adults that listened to me and when he wrote Gifted Hands he personally gave it to me before it was published to hear my opinion on it. I pointed out that if he was such a great friend to my dad why wasn't he mentioned in it to which he apologized and when his next book came out "Thinking Big" I got a pre-release copy which showed that he included my dad based off of what I said.

    Growing up black SDA he was a sort of folk hero but I just thought of him as really relaxing adult to be around but the guy I see on tv doesn't resemble who I knew. I try not to speculate too much like I'm some type of insider because I haven't been around the man since I was in my teens but my perusal opinion is that he is where he is because he's a "good black" who "pulled himself up from his bootstraps" and that skin he wears allows him to say the things that white people can't say in this dog whistle racism world we live in. As the spotlight on SDA's gets brighter it will be interesting to see what happens when the segregated conferences are brought up or things like what happens when he has to meet the pope?

    I'd be really interested to talk to you all more about my experiences within SDA so feel free to hit me. Again keep up the good work!

    1. We would love to talk to you about this, if you would be willing. Send us an email or a private message on Twitter if you're interested. ~Ami

  2. It should be noted Mel Gibson is currently filming the Desmond Doss story in Australia. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.