Saturday, November 7, 2015

What, if any, attitudes towards abuse are distictinly Adventist? - Episode 74

This is Part 2 of 2. Ami, Alex, and Abby talk with a friend about sexual abuse in the church and attitudes towards that abuse. They discuss some attitudes that are, if not unique to Adventism, at least very distinctly Adventist.

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  1. I think one area of abuse that seems more prevalent in the SDA church is child-on-child sexual abuse/incest. In my congregation there were at least 2 cases of sibling incest (where an older sibling was abusing the younger ones) and two cases on child-on-child abuse. The other boys in our church were warned to look out for the little girls when one kid was around.

    In academy I met several other people who had experienced child-on-child abuse. In these cases especially, the victims were treated worse than the abuser. There were also adult on child abuse cases that were handled much the same.

    Since my family was one of the families where the incest occurred and I was the victim of child-on-child sexual abuse, I can say that you have very accurately described how the church handles sexual abuse.

    I do believe that family dynamics play a role as well, but it seems to me that Adventism cultivates unhealthy family dynamics and actively recruits already unstable individuals via its prophecy seminars. In a strict Adventist setting, the environment seems to be a breeding ground for all types of abuse.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. We definitely didn't cover all aspects of abuse in these episodes. It's so complicated and thorny, not just in Adventism but I think especially in closed, religious communities like Adventism.

  2. The only "abuse" I ever heard of resulted in the teacher involved being fired. Although, I think there may have been two teachers involved. Supposedly this teacher, who was a very good teacher and very outgoing, was involved with one of the girls. He was probably the most liked teacher at the high school. His name was of French origin and he was quite a dark handsome man. He looked like maybe a handsome French Jew. He was caught, supposedly, with the girl sitting on his lap kissing him. I don't know that it went any further than that. She may have been charmed by his personality but I doubt he coerced her whatever happened. It was a sad day for us students. I went to public school the next year partly because I felt he was dealt with too harshly. He was ratted out by a fellow teacher who was also quite well liked and was also supposedly involved in some sort of shenanigans. He left, the other teacher stayed, with, I think,some sort of reprimand.
    By the way, the public school was much worse when it came to religion.