Saturday, February 13, 2016

Did you ever read Christian romance novels? - Episode 88

Ami and Misty reminisce and gently mock the Christian romance novels sold in the ABC. The talk about fond memories and ridiculous tropes.

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  1. I'd love to hear you talk about the Chloe Mae and Chloe Celeste books.

    I totally read Three Blondes in a Honda. Really liked that book!

    Did any of you read the Bucky books?

    I wasn't a fan of the Christian Romance books usually.

    I LOVED end of time stories and the darker stuff.

    The Oath (Frank Peretti- Same guy that did Piercing the Darkness etc.)
    Orion Conspiracy
    The Prayer Warriors books
    The Lucifer Diary
    Song of Eve (this book can still make me cry) June Strong is actually a really good writer.

    These are newer but a couple of adaptations of bible stories by Adventist authors were also pretty good. Well researched and pretty accurate to the historical time period. With little details that really made the stories come alive:


    These were also biblical adaptations that I really enjoyed when I was younger but aren't as good of books, I think:
    Princess of the Two Lands

    1. I loved Three Blondes in a Honda while I was reading it.

      The Orion Conspiracy gave me nightmares.

      I loved the historical novels about women in the bible.

  2. OMG, Song of Eve! And Project Sunlight! That author, June Strong is pretty great. She also has a book about, I think, her grandmother called Mindy that was really good but made me so mad I literally hurled it across the room. We should review one of hers for sure.

    My mom and I read the Orion Conspiracy together the weekend she drove me to college my first semester. When GWB was president and constantly talking about how God was leading him, I kept thinking about it, even though I wasn't an Adventist anymore. :)

    I read that Leah book too, I think.