Saturday, November 12, 2016

Did you have an Adventist Wedding? - Episode 127

Ami and friends talk about the experience of getting married as an Adventist or with Adventist relatives in attendance.

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  1. You sound sort of like Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan running away to the Pope instead of from the Pope. Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan are probably before your time, circa 1976 or earlier. Great stuff about being tracked down by the Pope's government after the imposition of the Sunday law. About being subjected to sleep deprivation and psychological torture in hopes that the Adventists would crack and accept the mark of the beast. Basically, excellent preparation for real life actually. Well, that's the episode that stands out in my mind. Most episodes were little less obnoxious.
    I just had an Adventist funeral for my mom, well, maybe she was my mom, you know the kind of mind fucking shit that goes on with some of these Adventists. Playing games with anyone who loathes their rubbish and is open about it in a church family.
    I had to listen to all their Christ shit at the funeral. It was heinous. Not only that, but for the last couple of months while she was on hospice, I had to listen to all the hospice creeps religious crap. Idiots drooling about souls and such. Guess they don't know anything about Adventists. Nobody is more soulless than Adventists.
    We had a little Adventist wake at Olive Garden after. Fat cousins stuffing their purses with bread sticks and mints, asking to go through her stuff to see if there is anything they would like. Well, that's what I was told, but it might just be more of their mind games trying to stir up some shit with me. I had a martini at mom's expense, and once again realized; I don't drink because I don't LIKE it not because of Adventism.
    Hospice doesn't employ psychologists to "help", only chaplins. The first one of these got really assholelike and obnoxious after I informed him I'm an atheist, and don't really need his services. After dealing with those creepy maniacs I really needed a psychologist FOR SURE. Medicare doesn't provide THAT at state expense, only religious crap. Your tax dollars at work.
    I'm not going to say I hope you do a piece in the future about Adventist funerals, but... your podcast is almost as boring as Ellen White.
    I only write this seemingly off subject comment on the Adventist wedding comment board because, you know, Adventist wedding, Adventist funeral, what's the difference?

    1. I'm sorry; that sounds horrible! We should also do an episode on Adventist funerals.

      I actually remember Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue very well. They were before my time, but my grandmother recorded all the episodes onto cassette tapes from a reel-to-reel collection she bought at a garage sale.

  2. I had an Adventist wedding and it was as boring as dog shit