Saturday, April 1, 2017

What was the first movie you saw in the theater? - Episode 147

Abby and Ami were both out of town this week, so we're sharing a snippet that we posted for the Patreon donors back in June of 2015. It's an oldie, but goodie. Enjoy!

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  1. Movies are a huge deal for me, and have always been, so hearing stories like this is pretty heartbreaking. Oh, I was also raised religious, and I regret pretty much 100% of that, but only R-Rated movies were forbidden to me. And even then, I was drawn to them because of the forbidden fruit aspect of it all.

    Not saying that my untrue religion was less shitty than your untrue religion, but frankly, if going to the movies had been forbidden in my church . . . I think I would've flown the coop sooner than I did.

    1. The shittiest part of not being allowed to watch movies in theaters is how out of touch we ended up in terms of pop culture. There are all these references that "everyone" of our generation gets that we just kind of pretend we understand. ~Ami

  2. For me the first movie i saw in theater is Titanic movie of James Cameron such a wonderful experience